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Who Lost the Great Patriotic War?

Lord Boris



The GPW quite possibly has been subject to more revisionism than anything else in CyberNations history. The interesting thing about the majority of the revisionism is, I believe, how wrong most of it tends to be.

The staunch NPO crowd makes the claim that they won the war. Those who opposed them believe that the Orders lost and that their group was the true winner. I believe a third case is true.

Both sides lost the war.

To truly "win" a war, one side must eliminate the other side as a threat, or otherwise mitigate the threat to deter future issues. Neither side accomplished that fundamental goal of warfare. NPO and its allies were too outgunned to win militarily and thus failed to wipe out the CoaLEUtion (as many of its main players maintained close ties and later formed groups such as The League to oppose NPO and its allies). CoaLUEtion won on the military side, but they failed to eliminate the Orders as a threat to their security. Post-war, NPO rebuilt both internally and in the realm of foreign affairs. They were so successful at it, that they were able to defeat each successive incarnation of the coaLEUtion in later conflicts. As far as the Great Patriotic War, however, I believe it is wishful thinking to believe any side truly won the fight.

Now, I encourage comments, but I also encourage people to remain respectful in their commenting. This piece is not intended to be inflamatory towards any group, but simply to offer an opinion different from the standard realm of thinking on the matter of the GPW.



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I've never said we've won the Great Patriotic War. I've always stated it was a Stalemate. Had we kept it going, we could have won, but it would have been a Pyrrhic victory, and we would not have been as capable of rebuilding. As such, it was better to end it when we did.

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I was not around for the GPW (I joined later that october), but at least according to the official CN history, it seemed like a stalemate until Legion joined the fight. Am I wrong about this?

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