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Day 12: IRON/ODN/TOP - Sparta

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Summer War 2012: Day 12: IRON/ODN/TOP - Sparta


Web + Stats: Days 10-12 (Credit to fistofdoom):


Summer War 2012 Topics:

Announcement from the Order of the Paradox (TOP declares on Sparta)

Orange Juice Explosion (IRON declares on Sparta)

The Network Thirsts (ODN declares on Sparta)

GOONS DoW (GOONS declares on CSN)

Disclaimer: Updates will be done at 7:30-ish Pacific. I Apologize in advance for some topics being a day late.

Hello everyone,

I've been doing a War Web last few days R&R and since this is actually going somewhere I thought I'd go post it. No harm right?

Color are bases on sphere to change it up a bit. If you would like some why to figure out which front is which go ahead and say so though I hope it's rather clear. Any and all comments would be great :3 Also if I miss a topic or addition to the web that'd be good to point out ^^

Sorry it isn't the coolest looking web but I hope it works for whatever you need it for :)


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