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Dear Warmongers

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I am insulted and appalled that you would dare start a war against SF. You guys have committed the crime of breaking my perfect record of being leader during all global wars.

It is written in section B, subsection J of Unwritten, Inane Rules for Warfare that "All wars must take place while sippyjuice is president of GDA." I am currently MoFA and GDA doesn't have elections for another month. I demand that you halt this insanity immediately until I can coup power and maintain my record, or I start tickle-torturing people.


If you can't tell I'm joking, I am currently selling stolen funny bones for 3M or 100 tech.

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lol. damn you MK and NoR starting wars without consulting sippyjuice. you guys need end your wars and send reps to GDA for this. i think 20,000,000,000 tech will cover it :P

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I would consider this a clear CB against MK mate. No seriously it would be the best CB I've seen in a while I think! :awesome:

with the CB's thats been use in this war i think you are correct

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