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Help me, for I am an IRCtard.




Despite multiple, generally differing instructions on several occasions (my recollection of all instances lacking), I find myself manually typing in and joining every desired channel any time I connect to IRC (I use mIRC). I've put up with it for months but figured it was finally time to do it the smarter way.

Keeping in mind that I'm an IRCtard, can anyone please help me set up an auto-join list (with dumbed down directions, preferably)? Would be most appreciated. :)



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Thanks guys.

That command doesn't work with password-protected channels though, right? Is there an alternative one for those? Also, after I've added chans with that command, how would I go about changing the order in which they come up?

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You, Sir William are my frigging hero for asking this question. My fingers are sore just logging into the channels. I'm working with frozen claws by the time the first conversation begins.

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Not sure about password protected chans but it works on channels you need to be put on an access list for. As for changing the order, the only way I know how is to put the chans in the order you want to begin with.

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It should work for all channels as long as you have access.

You can view the list: /ns ajoin list

I don't think you can change the order. They're ordered by the first channel you enter being first, the second channel being second, and so on.

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I don't use mIRC but I installed it just to check it for you... :) What Zoomzoomzoom said is your best choice IMHO.

I found a bunch of channels already listed but it's quick to delete them all (shift-select, click "Delete").

You probably want to check "Join on connect" for every channel you enter and also to check "Enable join on connect" in the mIRC Favorites dialog. I have no idea what "Pop up favorites on connect" does or may do, but it probably doesn't hurt to just try it.

I didn't find anything in the settings that seemed to control the order in which the channels come up, though. I'd assume they are loaded in alphabetical order (which I guess isn't bad to then quickly retrieve the one you're looking for, especially if you normally join a lot of channels).

I normally use chatzilla (Fx extension) which does allow you to order the channels, which I find to be user-friendly and which - unlike mIRC (from CNET) - didn't cause my AV to go hysterical about "riskware" (and even ask for a reboot after having removed the culprit) when I downloaded it. If you're a Fx user you might give it a try...

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If you're using XChat, highlight Coldfront, hit "edit" and add the channels to your favorites. If you're not using XChat, use XChat.

+1 XChat is obviously the best.

And actually on xchat, on the connection information, you can set it to run a text file as a script on server connect, just basic irc commands one per line, it can identify you, join all your channels, and if you ever want to change it, its just a text file on your computer.

My best advice for people using mIRC, use something better.

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Sir Dubya,

In case the other options haven't worked --

Go to Tools: Options

Under Connect, go to Options

Should be a button called "Perform," on the far right

Enable Perform on Connect.

Copy and paste the list below into it:

/j #mha


/j #cnvalhalla

/j #colossus

/j #nso

/j #ODN

/j #nsa

/j #tlr

/j #mcxa

/j #nongrata

/j #cnnato

/j #cnolympus

/j #farkistan

/j #iron

/j #ppo

/j #kofn

/j #rnr

/j #the_international

/j #deinos

/j #hooligans

/j #mushroom

Add/Subtract as needed. (This isn't half my list, so fk off mmkay?) Make sure you put the channels you don't need to be identified to enter on the TOP of the list because it will run through these very fast and nickserve takes about three seconds to validate your password.

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For a password protected channel

/ns ajoin add #channel password

should work.

In terms of Windows IRC clients, I like Chatzilla (in the Firefox App) or X Chat. In Mac, Colloquy and Adium are great.

Most clients let you write out a string of commands to do when you open the program. This is how I write mine out:

/nick Yournick

/msg nickserv identify password

/join #channel1

/join #channel2

/join #channel3

/join #channel4 password

/join #channel5 password

I use a list of commands instead of an autojoin list because the autojoin and nick commands are processed by different parts of the IRC server and sometimes are processed one after another. If the autojoin list is processed before your identify command is, you can end up being kicked from restricted access channels because the access lists only work when you're identified with nickserv (/nickserv identify password). Using a command list and explicitly putting the identify code before the join keeps this from happening.

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I do not use mIRC's join on connect/join on reconnect options--they were causing me to get banned in a lot of access list channels, because mIRC would try to join them the second I logged in rather than waiting until I identified. Just use the server's ajoin command.

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I do not use mIRC's join on connect/join on reconnect options--they were causing me to get banned in a lot of access list channels, because mIRC would try to join them the second I logged in rather than waiting until I identified. Just use the server's ajoin command.

While I agree that that is superior in numerous ways, just adding a pause would solve it.

/msg nickserv identify password
/pause ms 1500
/join #channel1
/join #channel2
/join #channel3
/join #channel4 password
/join #channel5 password

http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/1641/ (needed I think)

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Thanks all. I think I'm going to again go the Perform route (I'd forgotten about it).

I'm presently working with the following:

/identify PW
/pause ms 1500
/j #cybergoons
/j #privchan1 PW
/j #privchan2
/j #privchan3 PW
/j #privchan4

It won't open #privchan1 for me though when I connect. It tells me 'You need a registered nick to join that channel.' Not sure how to resolve that. :-/

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alias pause {
  var %e = !echo $color(info) -a * /pause:
  if ($version < 5.91) {
    %e this snippet requires atleast mIRC version 5.91
  elseif ($isid) {
    %e this snippet can only be called as a command.
  elseif (!$regex(pause,$1-,/^m?s \d+$/Si)) {
    %e incorrect/insufficient parameters. Syntax: /pause <s|ms> <N>
  elseif ($1 == ms) && ($os isincs 9598ME) {
    %e cannot use milliseconds parameter on OS'es beneath Win2k
  elseif ($2 !isnum 1-) {
    %e must specify a number within range 1-
  else {
    var %wsh = $+(wsh,$ticks,$r(1111,9999)), %cmd
    if ($1 == s) %cmd = ping.exe -n $int($calc($2 + 1))
    else %cmd = pathping.exe -n -w 1 -q 1 -h 1 -p $iif($2 > 40,$calc($2 - 40),$2)
    .comopen %wsh wscript.shell
    if ($comerr) %e unable to open Wscript.Shell
    else .comclose %wsh $com(%wsh,run,1,bstr*,% $+ comspec% /c %cmd >nul,uint,0,bool,true)

Needs to be in. Tools > Script editor > Remote.

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