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Coming Soon: Roquetin Bingo

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So a few days ago I was joking around about Roqs activity on the OWF and Manis B had a great idea, that we should do Roquetin Bingo. I'll be throwing in 50 tech to the winner. I'll announce it officially later, but for now, I need to come up with more ideas for different spaces (I'd like to have around 30-35 options) We would use all threads on the OWF, and just start off at update at a future date.

Here are some spaces I've come up with

** criticize** DH (as a whole)

** criticize** MK

** criticize**Umbrella

** criticize**GOONS

** criticize** PB

** criticize** alliance X for now being X chains away from a DH alliance

brings up how much better Umbrella's slot usage was while he was there.

Posts more than 20 times in a day

top poster for the day

top poster for two consecutive days.

Changes alliance

** criticize** NG

** criticize** NPO

** criticize**CnG (as a whole)

** criticize** GATO

Changes Profile Pic

Changes AA

Accuses AA of being MK lackey

Posts WoT

Says "im not trying to say anything about FA"

Forgets to take off caps

Brings up the last war /and/ his role in it

complains about TOP not doing enough in wars.

** criticize** Johnny Apocalypse

Complains about the treaty web

** criticize** Osravan

Some one miss spells his name.

Calls Brehon a liar

Calls anyone a liar

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I have an idea, SCY Bingo. Its easy to play! Everytime SCY makes a terrible post you win!

The problem is everyone would win at the same time, and I hate games where everyone is a winner.

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My entry: "he's criticized for something that's not the content of his posts".

OK I already won this, you all know it. Please send the 50 tech my way and save us the hassle, will you?

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