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Beer Review: Ruthless Rye





Today I'm here to tell you about this beer.

You should drink it.

Also, I've already been drinking it/something/alot/tonight. Thought tonight I'm drinking capt morgan's and samuel adams and listening to ZZ Top. 10 !@#$@#$ DOLLARS FOR A 6 PACK OF SAM ADAMS WHAT A !@#$@#$ CONSPIRACY. !@#$@#$ COLLEGE TOWNS, I !@#$@#$ HATE YOU.


Anyway, on to the real deal.

I bought this IPA after careful consideration at the liquer store (careful, as in, I saw something I think I'd like better, but a name like Ruthless is hard to pass up, !@#$@#$ marketing execs know their drunks, $%&@ers!) . It's made by Seirra Nevada, which was it's selling point, because, while not exactly a micro-brew, makes reasonably consistant beer.

As an Imperial Porter, you would expect something slightly lighter, but no, this beer caters to an earthier taste. Though it does contain a good deal of some sort of grapefruit/lemon zest sort of taste. The head poured a short cream one inch head.

I'm just kidding, I drank it out of the bottle, but what spilled on my floor was sort of like that.

The rye is very evident in the taste, a dark peppery taste. IMO, after drinking this, I think rye should be a staple in all beers. That's how much I liked it. For a lighter beer, it ads a thickening and rich quality to the body.

In this bottle is also a slight grassy taste, and quite a bit of hops.

Over all, I really enjoyed this seasonal brew and hope to get some more (very soon, as in, now) soon.

Try it today, $%&@ers.


listen to katrina tell you


also couldn't find music fo this,

found thi insteaqd

Nouvelle Vague does Dead Kennedys: Too Drunk to $%&@

appro po

Katrina Josephina - universal hall pass



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