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Survivor 10





(Yeah, I'm not even trying to edit these logos anymore)

Since our last competition was a tech challenge, I figured we'd continue along with the stat-specific competitions and have a recruiting challenge.

Now, granted, it would be incredibly easy to win a recruiting challenge if someone really wanted to; have a bunch of allies join your AA for a few days, demand that people go onto your AA in exchange for peace, spam the living daylights out of the unaligned nations, promise each new recruit $100m for joining and never pay up, and so forth. So in order to avoid these shenanigans, this competition will focus on quality instead of quantity, and there's really only one way to do that.

Your job is to recruit me.

Use whatever method you like to grab my attention. Send flowers. Send tech. Send nukes. Anyone can send out 200 messages in-game, but the hallmark of a good recruiter is his ability to bring in active, high-NS nations instead of just a bunch of 3NS newbs.

We'll start on April 6th with the 36th-ranked alliance, and gradually work our way up. Each alliance will have 24 hours to make their pitch. At the end of each day, I'll give you a summary of what that alliance did to try and recruit me, as well as who's currently winning the race to bring me into their fold. That should have us ending sometime around May 11th.

Sadly, only one alliance can win this competition. Their prize at the end? The same prize that any recruiter is normally looking for. ;)



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