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My first attempt at spoken word.



Speak Out -

I thought the world ended

in two thousand and eight

On the day he chained me to his heart

and said, “this will be your home,

and I will be your heaven.”

Forgive me,

but I don’t believe in God

like I don’t believe in coincidence.

And Heaven

is a small town in China

that I will never visit.

Those chains burned my wrists red,

and he told me “Love

means never being able to pick the locks.”

But I still tried.

And it’s been four years that I’ve been free

but still on me

I can see

these marks.

And so can you.

And the first time you kissed them

I thought that I would die

from the way your lips brushed mine

like a confession

that we didn’t really know what we were doing.

And from the day you told me

that my scars were stories of strength,

I knew that your soul

was even more beautiful the way the Milky Way

shines in the desert.

You unfolded me like a wildflower,

and I opened you like a book.

And together,

we painted God green and understood

why everything has its moment.

And on the days I don’t feel strong

you’ll hold me and tell me that

wool socks are better than cotton.

Believe me, I am more afraid

than an acrophobic about to jump,

but you make me feel

as if mountains were put there for us to climb them.

And we believe in each other like we believe

that relationships burn like wildfires,

and the word ‘love’ is the spark.

I want to be your best burn victim,

tell me you love me.

We are built from passion,

there is beauty in becoming.

And we can watch the fire start

from the atrium of our heart.


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Your voice delivers intensity and depth of feeling.

Best way to move on is to become involved in something that will keep you too busy to think for a while.

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