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Back when Vox first came into being I cheered. It was new. It was exciting and fresh. Vox delivered the goods in terms of entertainment and hope that Planet Bob could be something different. But in the end Vox has become what it fears the most.

They've stagnated into a useless group of boring yakkers that have lost the interest of those they are trying to reach. Who really wants to read some ranting diatribe about something we already know? If global depotism mattered that much to us we'd have collectively blown them all away weeks ago. What Vox doesn't get is that it really doesn't matter to us. We are the MOB and we want out cheap thrills.

If Vox wanted to get the populace on their side they'd start putting a muzzle on their long winded boring speakers. Go for the sensationalism of cheap thrills. Every now and then nuke some high ranking member of the coalition. If you do it often enough it becomes a fashion trend of sorts. Check your nation, pop off a nuke, be part of the coolest crew in town!

I can see the promotional possibilities now:

"Nuke a Despot Week"

"Nuke a Internet Tyrant Day"

"It's Raining Nukes Week"

so on and so forth.

The real key to success for Vox will be them tapping into that vein of popularism on planet Bob. As much as they hate that same old o/ everything crowd it can't be forgotten that the o/ everything crowd are the real power brokers of Planet bob. Without them despots would not be despots. Without the o/ everything posse Vox wouldn't be around to blather about their long winded nonsense.

If you want to make a change Vox you have to learn to be cool.

Right now you all remind me of that boring Uncle that used to read poetry to us at dinnertime. We want our cheap thrills damn it, not William Blake!



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