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UE/CoJ Need Help



On the 23rd, one of our long-time members, OrangeAvenger decided he had gotten bored of planet Bob and was going to go out with a bang. He decided to rogue as his means of escape. Naturally he decided to nuke Sardonic (who wouldn't?) but he also chose two other targets: Schattenmann and HeroofTime. Can't say he has bad taste.

If I may sidetrack for a moment, I want to briefly explain the point of this blog. In the past, GOONs has gotten a lot of flak for "calling in allies" or "not being able to fight for ourselves" or "not interpreting screaming cries as meaning no, please, stop it." The thing is, we rarely "call" for allies or ask for help, if ever. It just happens that way. But we constantly get made fun of for it. Regardless of the facts.

For instance:

* When Roguefest happened and PC/iFOK (before they were NG) decided to chip in, we were insulted for not being able to fight our own battles.

* When the 7th largest nation in the entire game attacked Umar (after he was exposed for aiding Methrage) and some of our allies in Umbrella retaliated because we simply don't have any nations in that range, we were called cowards.

* When Timeline went rogue and FOK declared a couple wars on him because he was finally open season, we were made fun of for being too afraid to fight him ourselves. Even though we never asked for help.

And of course, people are always quick to criticize how we roll as Doomhouse and not individually. As if we should not have allies, or get help from anyone else. Or even just let them chip in if they want to. We always have to handle our own situations. I would post 117 more examples, but I don't have as much free time as Schattenmann.

Now, OrangeAvenger is unfortunately gone. I'm not totally clear on the details, but he sent out aid and then did something to cause his nation to vanish forever. That means we can't simply go look at his nation and find out what all went down that day. Fortunately, I had the foresight to take a screenshot.


Applying the same logic as everyone always applies to us, I am forced to conclude:

A single goon nation is too much for UE and CoJ to handle with all of their combined forces. They had to call in allies to help. They are weak and cowardly; unwilling to fight the war themselves, or at very least unable to. It's amazing how much they struggled against the might of a single goon nation, and how quickly they ran fleeing to their friends to back them up. Poor show, UE/CoJ. In a mere 3 hours, you had already surrendered and fled to get help from TPF.

I think this is how it works, anyway. Let's find out.


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All I got from this thread is a lot of crying on the part of GOONS about people calling them names.
Exactly.(I don't think anyone gets this)

No I get what you are saying. I am just stating that ya'll doing a bunch of crying over being insulted. What you are trying to state with this blog is calling out those who have insulted you for doing the same thing. It is not that hard to figure out. What I don't think you get is that no one really cares what you are trying to do.

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<HailSatan> actually, i seen the rogue GOONs nation (verified by GOONS war dude) and helped HoT , they did not request it . Causalities are good, any chance to get more... why not . < as posted on IRC . So... next theory ?
Wow, did you really miss the point by that much?

Wait, there was a point to this blog?

1) Aceking was on him before I was even aware I had a war, we didn't request help

2) This is the more important part: I've never whined about GOONS "calling in backup" or whatever. I mean, I'm not 100% sure on this, so feel free to make me eat my shorts, but I'm pretty sure I've never !@#$%*ed about it because it's stupid.

This blog is the definition of trying too hard. I can't even really figure out why you might have thought it was a good idea to post.

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Oh. I just read the comments, and I guess there is some sort of context I missed (being somewhat out of the loop these past few weeks) which made it worthwhile to post a !@#$ blog on purpose, or something.

Whatever, have fun with that.

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Schattenmann's and HoT55 are just mad they got all my nuclearly transmitted diseases when Orangeavenger nuked them after nuking me.

Might want to get your groundwater checked out, I've had a lot of nuclear rogue partners.

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Schattenmann's and HoT55 are just mad they got all my nuclearly transmitted diseases when Orangeavenger nuked them after nuking me.Might want to get your groundwater checked out, I've had a lot of nuclear rogue partners.

Oh god, no! =[

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all i see is a goon crying like a baby, doing the goon I call it.

Crying like a baby. Making completely nonsensical or illogical arguments. Lying or simply inventing evidence to support a non-existent case. These are all accurate observations.

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