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Who would win?





49 members have voted

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33 {82} (+0) Legacy : 12.54 --> 12.55 (+0.01)

34 {82} (+0) The Foreign Division : 12.49 --> 12.50 (+0.01)

I always love it when two alliances are so close to each other statistically - not only in terms of score, but also in terms of nations. These two are virtually tied in terms average NS, but who would come out on top in a one-on-one fight to the death? No allies, no peace treaties, just a battle of wits and nukes.

Let me know what you think.



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When was the last time two major alliances actually had a 1 vs 1 war? Would be pretty cool to see more of it happen.

As for this poll I dont know enough about either partys memberbases to make a real vote. Apart from regular factors you would think of like Warchests, Active members, no fear of pixel loss etc I think the real thing that plays a part is who runs to peace mode more signifigently.

The AA that has the most members run to peace mode would imedietly set themselves up for a possible defeat. Quicker rebuild post war and possible retain more NS at the end but the nations left to fight in war mode against reduced odds would be militarilly defeated for sure.

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When was the last time two major alliances actually had a 1 vs 1 war?
Probably PC/Rok in bipolar, but the stats weren't anything as freakishly similar as TFD/Legacy right now.

Yeah I fought for RoK in that one and it was the closest ive come to a 1 vs 1 situation. In that case PC had a stronger upper teir and RoK had vastly more low teir nations. In the end it gave me the impression that PC had the upper hand as the upper teir strength came though as more valuable then shere numbers in the non-nuclear ranges (RoK outnumbered PC about 3 to 1 in the sub-10K NS range). I guess it depended on your spot in the war, our top teir got chewed up bad but our low teir guys did enjoy some dogpiling odds in many ranges.

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MP/SDI/WRC numbers are almost dead on...TFD with 46/36/23, Legacy with 46/35/25.

Think TFD would take it, though; their large nations have a fairly substantial tech advantage.

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Also, you might have more fun trying to pick between Legacy and International. Pretty much the same levels of tech and stuff, but the tiers are slightly out of whack and wave in favor of each other every 15k NS or so.

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