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Cybernation's Next Top Pip-Maker

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New Frontier


Deinos > Polar


So anyway, we are now accepted submissions for a CN Forums Sanctioned Pip. We have no specific requests for it, but keep in mind our colour is blue, and our theme is dinosaurs in general, but Dinosaur Comics in particular. Size limit is 150x48. Keep in mind that the background of the OWF isn't white, so any background space on the pip should be transparent, not white. Submissions would be appreciated particularly within the next five days or so, so that we have time to select one before the ten day limit is up. We are also of course having Deinos Citizens, friends and allies submit pip ideas but figured you guys might have some artistic ability too maybe??

Here is our flag:


and here is t-rex by himself if you want it


Post any submissions here, and feel free to discuss them as well!

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