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Three things...



...that are quite hard for me to admit:

Hang with me here. If you're not in the mood for something like this, please, discontinue reading.

1. I am a categorical 'saver'. This is a great frustration not only to me, but to most of the people I confide in.

2. Road trips, moving, and traveling are my way of trying to escape situations in life that I feel I can't handle.

3. People have taken advantage of me, and I can't hate them for it. Hating them would mean acknowledging that something terrible happened to me. It's not actually because I'm such a nice person.

In saying that, I'll be on the West Coast all next week.

Why post this here?

It's the only place where I won't have to deal with the awkward looks, ridiculous lectures, and pathetic gestures from those that will read it.

Caveat: I'm not such a nice person.

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