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New Year starting with a loss.....




So its 2012 and my year began on a sad note as my father passed away on the 29th December 2011, it was an event that overshadowed everything. Having spent Christmas with him I have endearing memories of both my father and 2 year old son interacting, it gave me great pleasure to see that...something made even more poignant by his passing days later. The grief is not overwhelming tbh but it is ever present, in the back of my mind at all times is this sadness I know I cannot shake off.

I am not sure what the point is I am trying to make, maybe there is no point and I am just rambling in some bid to get things off my chest. My father knew he was loved but I wish I got the chance to tell him that one more time. So do take the time to let your respective parents know how much you care for them, do not leave things unsaid because you never know what is around the corner.

That said life for me goes on and the rigours and demands of work and parenthood are unrelenting, my father was a pragmatic man and he would expect me to carry on...hell I can hear him in my head with his heavily accented English (He was a German) telling me to do exactly that. Besides when I look at my sons face (as corny as it sounds) I gain the strength to push on, there is so much of my father in him whether in terms of his physical similarity or in terms of his character. My father and I are/were not men of faith but I hope if there is indeed something beyond death that he will be there watching over us.



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I am sorry for your loss Cata.

These are some of the same reasons, i take those terrilong journeys across the country to be with my grandparents, all in their late 90s. The joy they have of interacting with my kids and vice versa makes it all worthwhile. It is often the simplest things that makes them all the happiest. You have seen nothing till you have seen a great grand-dad sit quietly with his great-grandson on his knee.

And yeah, life goes on, but the love and blessings of the departed, are always with us.

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My condolences and sympathy.

The loss of a parent is a transforming experience; all the memories begin to make a greater impact on one's being as you ruminate on their life and their connection to yours. I hope the transition goes as peacefully as possible, all things considered.

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Thanks guys, we are cremating the old boy on the 18th and taking his ashes to Ireland where he lived for the last 20 years, once there we will have a traditional Irish wake, which the thought of makes my liver quiver with fear :D

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