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Ask me anything




I'm working on a thread in the vein of Hawk's unrealized project, so I invite you all to "ask me anything" over the next couple days. Questions that are chosen will be answered in the thread, not here.

For reference, I've been around for ~5 years, been a member in GOONS; operative in Hidden GOONS while a member of RoFL, Purge, Browncoats, and TOP; a founding member of Vox Populi and later host of Vox's weekly news journal This Week in Pacifica; and then founded Cult of Justitia. http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Schattenmann

Happy hunting.



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If you had to choose any three alliances to dominate Planet Bob militarily and politically, who would they be? Can't choose the neutrals; has to be someone who would wear the jackboot, if only a little.

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Some questions for you, and if you answer them please do elaborate. :P

Would you characterize yourself as someone who plays Realpolitik or "moralist" in CN?

What is your biggest achievement?

What was the most influential event on your persona in CN?

What alliance would you join in case CoJ wouldn't exist (/disbanded)?

This is probably all for now. Good luck.

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Did you know it was me and Xavii pushing Bastion(&) while ochocinco tried to kill it? I remember getting chewed out by Boondock and stonewalled by Gre for wanting to do it.

Also you realize the opinions of people like AirMe and Trace at the time were that they didn't want to go bat for Gre, right?

Oh, and that I was the first Citadel alliance leader to commit when the Chill stuff was ongoing and I got chewed out in #lux for being involved in the negotations.

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Also I caused the Gre-IRON thing since the original plan was Umb/NV/MK/Fark, but TOP said they would defend IRON against aggression which I took to mean oA clauses too, so I convinced them to do it since they weren't going to be useful anywhere else except NPO. Damn those pesky ToAs.

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