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The Book of Odin, Chapter 6




1 And Odin did give unto man the Futhark, and with the Futhark, man could commend his ideas to stone and parchment, so that he could share his wisdom through the ages. 2 Chief among the runes of the Futhark was the Odal, which represents the inheritance of the runes by man from Asgaard, and Odin himself. 3 Man took the runes and with them, conveyed their poems and knowledge to other men, and to children, such that these words would never be forgotten. 4 Odin saw that his gift was good, and ascended to Asgaard to commune with the Aesir. 5 Man used the futhark for many writings, telling of the Aesir, songs of his day, tales of glory, and the law of the land.



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