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BFF - Sentinel loss comparison




Starting from when FEAR entered the war:

FEAR initial NS: 3785k NS

Current NS: 3533k NS

Percentage lost: 6.65%

Europa initial NS: 2295k NS

Current NS: 2181k NS

Percentage lost: 4.96%

Wolfpack initial NS: 2015k NS

Current NS: 2034k NS

Percentage lost: +0.94%

NEW initial NS: 5504k NS

Current NS: 5604k NS

Percentage lost: +1.81%

Paragon initial NS: 646k NS

Current NS: 654k NS

Percentage lost: +1.23%

United Republic of Nations initial NS: 132k NS

Current NS: 135k NS

Percentage lost: +2.27%


Menotah initial NS: 2031k NS

Current NS: 1366k NS

Percentage lost: 32.74%

United Sovereign Nations initial NS: 917k NS

Current NS: 696k NS

Percentage lost: 24.10%

United Purple Nations initial NS: 1801k NS

Current NS: 1660k NS

Percentage lost: 7.82%

Global Democratic Alliance initial NS: 4413k NS

Current NS: 4266k NS

Percentage lost: 3.33%

The Last Republic initial NS: 720k NS

Current NS: 654k NS

Percentage lost: 9.16%

MCXA initial NS: 5281k NS

Current NS: 5335k NS

Percentage lost: +1.02%

Full credit goes to Spaarlamp for the stat tracking. I simply borrowed this from our forums.

Kudos to MXCA & GDA, who aren't doing too bad. UPN would appear to be doing alright, but it doesn't take into account loses before FEAR declared which were significant. Loses tend to slow down as things become disorganized, people can't declare new wars due to anarchy, people slip into peace mode, etc.



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I would totally understand this if this war was indeed between Sentinel and BFF. Sadly there are other parties involved, and to just assume that it is a 1v1 is rather silly.

Oh it's not a 1v1. Doesn't change the fact that you guys are losing NS way faster. :D

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