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The Pres plays with the big red button




"Damn it McMasters! You've foiled me for the last time," shouts President Firestorm of Boomtown!

"Oh please, your pumped up little pip squeak of a nation couldn't hope to even put a dent in the side of one of my school buses let alone conduct an armed war against us," returns Prime Minister Mulroney in a snide tone of voice.

Firestorm quickly organizes his thoughts as he considers his options. He looks around the room as he examines the tense faces of his advisers. Here and there beads of sweat dot the brows of these harassed looking men and women. Not that it matters to him that his staff is looking like they spent the last week having a large man chase them with a baseball bat. Matters of the state come before personal comfort so they could damn well wait to get a meal and some sleep. He decides upon a response, realising that nothing would ever be the same again, and he says, "You leave me with no choice Mulroney. I'm going to push the button."

"umm.. what button?"

"Prepare to meet your fate on the field of battle as my troops deploy the ultimate weapon."

"Umm.. what ultimate weapon?"

"Have you made your peace with god?"

"I'm an atheist?"

"Oh you'll burn for that Mulroney," Firestorm shouts as he stabs the large red button on his desk.

"Damn it Dad that is against the rules!"

"No way kiddo, you know as well as I do that I'm allowed to nuke after getting the nuke reactor card!"

"You are cheating," shouts David Mulroney the very agitated son of President Firestorm.

"What are you going to do? Complain to your mom," laughs Firestorm as he watches the game board start flashing a radiation warning symbol and emitting a loud annoying air raid noise.

"Screw you dad," little 12 year old David shouts as he runs out of the room crying.

Firestorm looks over to his Secretary of State and asks, "Do your kids act like this?"

"Sir, I tend not to cheat at board games with my children," replies the Secretary of State.

"Oh, what should I do now?"

"I suggest an emergency inspection of some remote outpost might be in order before your wife catches up with you," chimes his Secretary of Defense.

"Gentlemen, I've found that the situation with the spotted pond guppies requires my immediate attention," barks President Firestorm as he nearly runs out the back door of his office for the nearest Presidential helicopter.

The Secretary of Defense leans over and says to the Secretary of State and says, "Did anyone tell him that today is maintenance day for the Presidential chopper fleet?"

The Secretary of State replies with a laugh, "Ouch!"



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