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Post-War ---- eh?




Hey there!

Your average CN user here.

Just trying to surmise whether everyone's going to stick around after the war. I see a good deal of people deleting after this war is over, and while I'm satisfied that there will indeed be enough politics to keep the world spinnin' for a couple years tops, I think we're starting to see the point of no return. (And, for the love of god, don't give me any of your "IT WAS DYING SINCE -INSERT GREAT WAR- AND I WAS THERE," there's a discernably different feel about this war. Just a feel sort of thing, y'know? I'm of the opinion that the next major (see top 20,) alliance to receive a curbstomp will mass delete/suicide, and I think it may be a trend that might continue for the forseeable future, coalitions en masse etc. I don't pretend to be Einstein but if I were to gander the OOC/IC line in this game is just, trashed. It's not so much that "people are becoming friends," so much as that there isn't a good deal of "new people," to make up for the old farts any more. Mergeritis already happened and I think as the game collapses in on itself you may slowly see bigger and bigger cartoonishly "big," (relative to numbers now,) mergers until ...well, the end.

That...and those who would be considered "new people," tend to just be lackeys. There simply is just is a bunch of really really large amount of dumb in this game and few people have "balls." No, this doesn't mean that you should stir up !@#$ for the sake of it and claim that lack of war means inaction, but very few people here have any "balls," to put forth the kind of effort to make swift campaigns anymore or stand up for much of anything, less they (gasp,) run into resistance. Instead of months of encirclement and alienation of parties/spheres you instead see the same effort being done in nearly four-five times the usual amount of time. Hell, a lot of the !@#$ stirrers who remain in this game and who aren't padlocked by a good deal of treaties are re-rolls or their moves are so blatant they'll likely never get off the ground. Even if they did, they're effectively neutered. I've always had respect for that, and I'm seeing fewer and fewer examples each passing season. No one wants to upset their best friend who shares the same really unfunny meme's (Seriously, they're all un-funny. All of them suck,) no one wants to hurt their good friend they skype with all night and they have to be friends with them because the other person can't seperate OOC from IC. Just, nothing. A whole lot of it.

Maybe I'm just biased because finals and the holidays, but it's hard not to think how many Christmas' are left.

Also, as a member of CN I'm entitled to at least one of these rants so fk' off I don't wanna hear the "this does nothing good for the game," spiel.

I guess my point is: If you're not having fun, do something that you'll have fun doing that affects more than your three best friends or does more than "shake up," your alliance.

Love me, or love to hate me, quite a few more than the normal have at least had an opinion.

What have you done?

(I do realize the irony that my target audience may not find this and likely will not respond as much as those who "have done something," so let me pre-empt your smartassness by saying you are overrated and more full of hot air than recent relevancy, except for (insert exception.))

Also: Humor :



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You are definitely entitled to a rant, and a decent one it was. Well done.

EDIT: I plan on staying. Although I may go rogue. I think we will see an increase in rogues.

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The fact of the matter is, in a war game, friends end up on opposite sides. Before I came to CN, I played a war game in a slightly different style, and I fought friends ALL the time. I probably fought a quarter to a half of my wars against at least one friend (specifically them, not just their alliance). Somehow, we manged to enjoy blowing each other to smithereens and still be friends at the end of the day.

CN doesn't seem to work the same way. I can only put it down to the gameplay difference. CN is much more political, and it's much harder to get out of your alliance's circle unless you're a hardcore player. In the games I've played before it really doesn't matter who you hit (we would attack each other for laughs), and there's no bogeyman in quite the same way there is in CN. Here, we have years and years of built up grudges, and as a new player coming in, it's quite confusing. I found that the grudges in my own portion of the CN universe constrained my communication with people. There are still a couple people that I find interesting and would like to get to know, but don't quite feel I can.

Being so new, I consider myself fairly neutral. I read people on what I see, not on some old grudge match from when I still wore my hair in braids. Being where I am is fairly interesting with my persepctive, and I see a lot of hypocrisy and a lot of things that I'd guess are constraining CN from new blood. I've learned my lesson about power games and grudge matches from other games. I'm happy to stay as neutral as I can for now.

The OOC/IC line in most games gets trashed after a while, unless the game is full of hardcore roleplayers. When people get to know each other well, it becomes really hard to find the line and put it down. At the moment I'm only at war with a couple people I joke with regularly, and none personally. Wars between close friends can get sticky in any game - if our friendships can be called close around here. I'd like to think that I could take it laughing if it ever did happen to me, but a lot of people aren't like that. They just can't put the line down. At that point, it actually ruins the game, because the spirit of wars in this setting SHOULD be to blow the pixels sky high and then drink to rebuilding.

Interestingly (and aside), most of the friendships that came from the other game are now disintegrating after six months away. On the other hand, there are a couple of people from CN that I think I'll be friends with for a long time to come. Different games, different people, different structure.

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If you're tired of alliances not doing things, join one that does.

This is is a flawed philosophy. Simply joining an alliance that is perceived to "do things," does not contribute. Take an alliance that "doesn't," and make them.

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The game is slowing and shrinking, that's the bad new. The good news is only serious players are left. We can support this game for years to come until the inevitable TPF-NEW sharpened bamboo match of death.

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