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TOP-NpO War Stats




So I'm sure some of you know I enjoy putting stats together sometimes, usually just bloc totals or something of the sort. Anyways. This war I'm putting together the stats for each side (as each alliances enters, as close to the DoW as I can get). Once the war is over (or as each alliance exits), I'll be putting in their stats at the end of the war. Just figured it would be something cool to check out, and instead of keeping it for myself or just GOD I figured "Hey, why not make a blog about it?" Soooo, here ya go: TOP DAWGS vs. Polar Bears

... Thank Omni for the names.



Recommended Comments

Could you add percentage of nations in peace mode for future updates?

This is the second request I got like this, but I mean, what good is it? People cycle in and out of PM for war, and it's just going to fuel those awful arguments. Also, I don't plan on updating everyone's stats throughout the war - It's more of a before and after type of thing. So adding any PM stats would just be for the start of the war, not including any cycling.

Use VOC instead of EIC. Took me a minute to figure out who you meant. :P

No! I'm starting a revolution - change their acronym to EIC, what it should be. :ph34r:

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