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My first time




That's right, it's my first time writing a blog post on our CN-forums.

Oh my!

With that, I'd like to give some insight into myself, because I am oh-so-important :mellow:

My real name's Ernie (Ernesto, by birth), I live in a little suburb in California (Lakewood, bordering Long beach). I'm 18, I graduated high-school and jumped into a career move as an art teacher (skipping that college part), I teach art at a local art studio, the goal of the studio is to put art classes back into schools, so that's what we're working on right now.

People often ask me "What do you teach? drawing?" and "What age kids do you teach? 4 year olds?"

To answer both those questions, I teach most mediums (chalk, graphite, paint [water-color, acrylic, tempra, oil]), and I can teach all age ranges (I've taught kids from 4 years old to high-school).

Outside of work, I do a lot of volunteer stuff with my church, mainly focused around our youth-group.

"Oh no Ernie's Christian :gag: "

Yeah, I am :):wub:

Don't worry, your Jesus jokes don't offend me.

At home I'm the typical 'older-brother', I tease my siblings, prank them, do generally-obnoxious things. I love my family, I love my friends, and that's who I am in a nutshell.

- Ernie.




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