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Brand New ZI List :)





An Announcement from The Last Remnants

Newest Member to the ZI List of The Last Remnants!

After weeks of threatening to rogue our senator for the maroon sphere, Amoshi of Mysidia has finally fulfilled his promise and has declared war on our senator Wargarden of Wargarden and as such, has been added to the ZI list of The Last Remnants for roguery.

To give any form of aid or assistance to this nation will be regarded as an act of war against The Last Remnants and will be treated as such. Furthermore, his war slots are ours and ours alone unless we give explicit permission for someone to take them. (Bloodfury has gotten this permission)

That is all.



Recommended Comments

I heard I was threatening someone for weeks? I thought it was just a few days.

You sent Wargarden messages a few weeks ago saying you were going to declare on him. You might not have been messaging him every day since then but it still happened a few weeks ago.

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