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Does NSO Run Legacy?



So I came across something I found interesting/amusing quite recently. I've been following the Legion/Tetris war with a bit of an interest. One of the things I saw was several members joining each side. This happens enough, sure, so whatever. Members leave alliances and join others, this especially happens during war time. One of the names I noticed was August Heimmsmeyer (better known as King Kaiser) from Legacy; he joined the New Sith Order. Big loss for Legacy to have their FA guy depart to fight in the Incompetence Extravaganza.

Then, yesterday, while checking out the OWF I noticed Legacy had their first ever elections. The first thing that jumped out at my eyes was "Minister of Foreign Affairs: King Kaiser". Now, that can't be right... Legacy just elected a member of NSO to be their head of FA? No way. I decided to get answers:

01[20:45] <%Gibsonator21> Sarmatian[Legacy]

[20:45] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> sup

01[20:46] <%Gibsonator21> i thought King Kaiser was in NSO?

01[20:46] <%Gibsonator21> how is he your MoFA?

[20:46] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> nah

[20:46] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> he aint

01[20:46] <%Gibsonator21> in NSO? or he aint your MoFA?

[20:46] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> he had the tag as a joke

01[20:46] <%Gibsonator21> i dont know what tag you're talking about

[20:46] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> trust me, ive had a few i am lame members changing tags <_<

[20:47] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> oh

[20:47] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> then what do you speak of

01[20:47] <%Gibsonator21> his AA reads New Sith Order, but in your announcement it says he's your MoFA

[20:47] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> his AA is legacy

01[20:47] <%Gibsonator21> link?

01[20:48] <%Gibsonator21> 227416

01[20:48] <%Gibsonator21> $%&@

01[20:48] <%Gibsonator21> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=227416

01[20:48] <%Gibsonator21> thats his nation, isnt it?

[20:48] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> no

01[20:48] <%Gibsonator21> then whats his?

[20:48] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> watched it at one point

[20:49] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> why should i tellyou that :P

01[20:49] <%Gibsonator21> because i want to know why your MoFA is in NSO

01[20:50] <%Gibsonator21> lol, i've got logs of him giving me that link, so i know its ihm

01[20:50] <%Gibsonator21> him*

[20:50] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> i know

[20:50] <+Sarmatian[Legacy]> i was texting him about it last night

01[20:50] <%Gibsonator21> he's been there for 5 days lol

06[20:51] * +Sarmatian[Legacy] sigh

Sarm went AFK moments later. I didn't get a real answer, so maybe someone else can explain it to me. Why is Legacy's Minister of Foreign Affairs currently a member of the New Sith Order? Does NSO run Legacy? Is Legacy supporting NSO militarily in their war against The Legion?


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