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Thanks for your Support guys




Thanks for the positive enforcement in the Comment :blush: Hopeful by the end of the week or month I have my old account back :ehm: you guys are awesome for the support :awesome: and maybe from this I get my old account back and get back to playing. I can wait for the Mods to come and give back my account or deny me :unsure:. Again thanks for your support and if they deny me hopeful I can make the switch to Xbox BUT I will always know that PC is forever and Xbox is now. Maybe in the near future a new game goes on that I can play. Once again THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPPORT :). Cybernations means Close to everything to me(not in a creepy way by the way) and hopeful even if I am gone I hope Cybernations grows and I will keep spreading the Cyber word even if I cant join in . I LOVE you guys for the support I cant thank you enough :wub: by the time I filled my thanks Humans would be able to go into other worlds though Black holes. Guys remember no matter what even if you get banned KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR CYBERNATIONS :gun:. By the time it is 2013 hopeful we are able to go to WAR with the other games where our will come on top. AGAIN I know I did this 3 times but THANK YOU and for you Homies out there remember for Slyfox.HOMIES UNITE :frantic:. Well bye for now I will keep updating you till I know the Verdict of the Court lol.Bye and thanks :frantic::D.

P.S. The large amount of Cons are for Griff "Ah, the old "brother" excuse. Classic. Also, not enough smilies."



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