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From: I dont understand why I got banned.




My account Minecraftia,Papercuts123 was banned :( for having multpile accounts BUT this was not my fault my brother before he left made an Account on Cybernations without knowing that I had one. SSSSoooo -_- it said I shared a internet connection and though that I got banned. Again my brother made an account but he left and I got banned because his account got connected to me though our internet connection. Please unban my ip or withever you banned because I LOVE Cybernation :awesome: I played it with my friends and I had a six month to a year Nation :D thats not fair because I never even got a warning of it and no I did not have a Forum account till now. Because of the Banning I have been turned off with Computer games now I play Xbox but I cant get out that Bad feeling that I got banned and most of the times I come home and check Cybernations to be reminded that I was banned. :facepalm: PLEASE UNBAN ME. I have been having a bad time playing games on the Computer and just been turned off if I dont get unbanned I fear I may get Turned off from PC is not awhile then forever :mad: . PLEASE I NEED THIS BOOST. Thank you for reading my Forum Topic and Please consider the option of unbanning me :ehm: . Please I need a extra boost to my life a bit something new. Thank you for reading my Topic and Have a nice weekend. B-)

P.S. Please respond to my topic A.S.A.P I would like that if not then take your time please.



Nation link:N/A

Source: I dont understand why I got banned. ModEdit: This thread is in a no discussion forum.



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I'm so envious of mods, i bet before getting rid of each one of these types of topics they copy it somewhere only they can see as part of a huge archive of hilarious rules violators

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You seem like that same guy that keeps evading bans over and over and then posting "why you ban me" topics with your horrible lack of punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Just go away, dude.

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There's a reason why I couldn't become a mod. I can't stand having to deal with the morons and idiots that I do each day, much less log in and subject myself to a new level of !@#$%baggery every day on a volunteer basis. The Mods have my total respect. Just don't expect me to pay the bill for their therapy.

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This guy is pure quality. CN needs more pure quality people. Mods, please give him another chance. I for one am eager that one day I shall be lucky to see more of this fellow's graceful posting.

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