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A Message from The Last Remnants!




An Announcement from The Last Remnants

ZI Target

Since we don't believe this warrants it's very own topic in Alliance Announcements, we want to make it perfectly clear that Necro of the nation The Land of Eld, has been placed on the The Last Remnant's ZI list for crimes he committed against TLR and that his war slots are ours and ours alone. We will consider it to be an act of war to take one of his war slots without our permission and we also highly advise against sending aid to his nation.

Once his ZI sentence is fulfilled, he is free to go.

That is all. Have a nice day.


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heh well, this is good n' all, but I wouldn't necessarily mind if he were to use his pixels instead against GOD. He'd be doing us a favor then. But, happy hunting TLR ;)

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