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That some day I will throw a successful party

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Live with the mother. She's going to Putin bay this weekend. Throwing a party Saturday.

Just graduated college, attending graduate school in a few weeks, having a !@#$ ton of people over.

Relatively tame/up-end neighborhood.

What precautions should I take?

I'm thinking of offering phone number to neighbors if they think it gets too loud or something.

Good idea?

Also any other precautions/preperations you think should be made?

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Hide valuables. Giving notice to the neighbors can be a good idea depending on how well they know you (the better they know you, the better an idea to give them heads up). If possible, lock your mom's bedroom so "unsavory" things don't happen in there.

Also, have a good f***ing time and worry about the mess the morning/afternoon after.

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Many years ago, the guy who would eventually be best man at each of my weddings threw a Hallowe'en party. He was about 23 at the time. Now, to give a sense of his home, I should mention that his father had been the co-founder of one of Canada's television networks. The house was four stories, but built into the side of a hill so that from the front you could only see one. T'was nice.

My friend told his youngr brother that he could invite some friends. Younger brother invited about fifteen people, which was no problem given the size of the place. However, one of those people was a local DJ, who just happened to mention the party on air.

Well, then....

My friend had been hoping for 40 or 50 people. What he got instead was nearly 300, possibly more. We lost count. It was absolute mayhem. The snacks didn't last long, so later in the evening my friend put out dog kibble and warned people he knew not to eat it. (It was gone in the morning, I should mention.)

Speaking of gone, when I awoke the next morning -- well, afternoon, really -- I plodded into the kitchen, where my friend was sitting with a coffee in front of him. He hadn't been up very long, either.

Since large parts of my memory had been scrubbed clean through the miracle of brown liquor, I had a few questions. Only two were really important, though.

"Did I really take that Sunshine Girl into your folks' bedroom?"


"I remember being in the hot tub, and across from me was a very drunk midget, floating there while wearing flashing antennae. Did I imagine that?"


We then woke up the other friends who had stayed overnight, and we spent the next twelve hours cleaning up the huge mess left behind.

Since then, I've always said that there is no better place to hold a party than someone else's house. Hopefully, you won't have to learn this the hard way.

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Before people come try playing music. Go outside and listen. Is it to loud? Turn it down then. Figure out the right balance so that the cops don't get called. Cover your windows with drapes/whatever, it'll deaden the sound a bit. If you're graduating from college then I imagine you don't have to worry about getting busted for underage drinking so I wouldn't really worry that much even if the cops get called.

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Set up trash cans everywhere.

Hide your mom's alcohol and other valuables.

I've seen people intentionally hide beer bottle caps in places that would only be found by the person's parents days/weeks later, so watch out for that sort of thing if you want to keep this on the d-lo.

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Well, when I used to run parties... well you don't want to take advice from me, I can probably tell you how to throw parties that wind up leaving permanent burn marks on your patio. :)

Good times though. And the one and only time I got busted it was after all the underage guests had left, we were down to about a dozen people passed out on the floor when the police said that anyone who stepped out on the lawn was going into the drunk tank. Which was OK because it was about 3 am and anyone still there wasn't going anywhere that night anyway. ;)

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