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Strangely, this blog made me think of the Tide(I think) commerical where one kid is standing on top of the hill, and the other kids are screaming DO IT. About 5 seconds later, a loud shrill voice starts screaming DO IT at a rapid pace and the kid dives head 1st down the hill on his belly, and the mom is happy cuz she uses Tide, so the stain will come out of his shirt.

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My wife and I do the same thing. Unfortunately, I have to make a single exception for Strudels, but I really despise their commercials. Their marketing has nothing to do with me buying their product... like it should.

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I would like to extend Xiph's disgust with children to the sphere of restaurants. Leave your children outside in the car. Don't forget to crack a window at least 3/4 of an inch. Any more than that and the screaming may be heard from inside the restaurant and that would just defeat the whole purpose.

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But if they're in the products themselves, no problemo. Gotcha.

What sort of product has horrible, snotty children in it?

NPO Brand Puppy Chow.

I would buy this. I can pretty much support anything that removes horrible, snotty children from the general population.

Of course, I suppose I would need a puppy first.

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It should be illegal to put children in commercials. It's pretty much parents prostituting their childrens' looks to make themselves money. Kids don't have money, so it's all targeted towards parents anyway.

They only commercials that should feature children would be promos for the anniversary reprint of "A Modest Proposal."

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I must admit, these are not the only commercials that I feel plague my television. It's not necessarily commercials with children that piss me off (though I'm hard pressed to come up with a good one), it's the laziness (and frequent rudeness) many advertisers display in selling me their product. All I ask from commercials is that they entertain me in some way. I think it's the least they can do to hold my attention. After all, they want me to buy their product. Can't believe people actually get paid to write some of that stuff...

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No, the commercials that get me are the overseas ones where you have some guy trying to guilt-trip you into donating 2 pennies a day to support an African/Asian child for a year. While the premise is nice, forcing that into my face really doesn't incent me to help... at all.

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