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Another Casey Anthony Post




To say holy crap I give no !@#$ about the Casey Anthony trial and don't understand why any of you do. The kid was irrelevant to humanity and so is her mom. More relevant and useful people died today, and will have died tomorrow, and no one is crying about that.




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I just think it's important to recognize and correct people's misconceptions about our justice system.

I honestly couldn't care less about this trial as an individual case, it's just the latest trial the Media has decided to write a sensational story about. I've seen it dozens of times, and it's the same boring old show.

Except now it's sort of interesting to watch the Media trip over itself.

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Who or what is a Casey Anthony?

She's the new O.J.

But more to it, her kid disappeared and she went out partying and having a good ole time while lying to her family that the two year old was fine and with a nanny. The nanny was just a lie though and never existed. The babies corpse was found in the brush with duct tape over her mouth and nose. Common sense led the State of Florida to pursue a case but only on circumstantial evidence. She kept her mouth shut and walked free.

It happens but while some find peoples outrage funny, I find it funny that they are shocked that people are pissed off and out for blood.. some people treasure the life of innocent little girls, you see. Enough to get angry over what they perceive as a lack of justice for a two year old lass.

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"The kid" was a sweet little two year old girl. Once you have a girl of your own perhaps you will think differently.

God I hope not. Specifically, the part where Xiph has a child. Much less a daughter. Just... Jesus Christ, please no.

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I think it's silly. You (the impersonal you, to all of those who feel outraged) weren't sitting in that courtroom, you weren't taking part in the jury's deliberations, you weren't the ones who had any bearing on the decision at all. Those jurors had a duty to vote guilty or not guilty based on the concept of reasonable doubt. Clearly at least 12 people in America felt there was a reason to doubt the prosecution's case. That's it, end of story, you can move on with your lives now. Right or wrong, sad or happy, whatever, it's over, move on with your lives already. Especially to those people who go out of their way to harass and send death threats not only to her, but random people who happen to share the same name. Not smart enough to even direct their outrage in the intended direction, apparently.

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