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Last blog entry for a while



So this will be my last blog entry for around 2 months, because I'm headed off for Navy basic. Just in case zombies over-run the planet and eat everyone or something I just wanted to give the following people some shout outs.

Gibs, Rush, Thrawn, Stagger, Xiph, DT, Osravan, Sgummo, Kubla, Randalla, Gambona, LW, Kain, Grievous, TL, Chimey, and Lizzy you guys are all super awesome. Everyone else I've met on the way was pretty cool too (unless I told you I hated you).

To GATO: I still love you guys and you're where my heart is. I'm sorry things turned out bad so many times over and over again. Much love :wub:

I'm afraid I never really done anything extremely interesting during my time here, but I did have one of my topics become the second most linked topic on these forums. I stopped a few wars and rallied a few people to fight some wars, but that's about it. Hopefully, when I return I'll do something super awesome.


Everyone stall the exciting MJ-SF war until I get back.


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Later Omni. I'll rebuild you nation after I go rogue with it, promise! Good luck out there.And disappointed at no magicninja mention.

He's under the hate mention.

Good luck to MN OOC though. :)

and I'll miss you too Lanore.

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