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Rebel Virginia



I am truly, truly shocked that I ever thought of you as anything less than a god on our humble little planet. I love you.

As you can clearly see, this man is quite satisfied with the Rebel Virginia brand. Share your stories! Let the world know why you always choose Rebel Virginia above the rest.

Source: Declaration of War



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One time, I was at a local bar on a friday night just hanging out. This girl near me bought a beer, but she couldn't get the bottlecap off, even though it was supposed to be a twist-off. I offered to try and open it for, so she handed it to me. I twisted the top, but it didn't budge. I tried using the hem of my shirt to get a better grip, but the thing still wouldn't come off. I held the bottle up to get a look at the cap and see if it was actually a twist-off or not and I noticed Rebel Virginia had walked up to me. He held out his hand, not saying a word, and motioned for me to hand him the bottle, so I handed it over. As I stared on in amazement, he positioned the bottlecap between his teeth and pushed hard on the bottle, cracking it open with his jaw. I was so impressed by this trick, I barely had time to notice his motion as he delivered a swift punch to my stomach. As I doubled over in pain, he dumped the beer on my head and whispered, "No one will ever believe you." When I recovered and was able to look around the room, he was gone, and had reportedly gone home with the girl who bought the beer.

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What is the origin of Rebel Virginia? Where does Rebel Virginia come from? Where is he going? Nobody knows the exact truth to any of these. But the idea of Rebel Virginia along with his conscience can determine this. Every person in the entire world has some views on Rebel Virginia. Every single interpretation of Rebel Virginia is different. Each individual of that interpretation of Rebel Virginia can even interpret their own interpretation different than others of that same worship cult. Whether they know it or not ever person most likely knows enough about their worship of Rebel Virginia to answer these three questions. The origin of Rebel Virginia is sense the time when man first started walking on this Earth. Nearly every single Sect of Rebel Virginiaism will agree with this statement. Nearly every worship sect will say Rebel Virginiaism started when their savior, prophet, and founder, Rebel Virginia, first stepped foot on the earth or when Rebel Virginia hit a remarkable break through. Most worship cults will also say that in the future they will seek new convert and become the strongest and most dominant sect of Rebel Virginiaism in the world. In reality though only Rebel Virginia is known amongst the majority of the world. This is astonishing considering there is only one religion in the world with some not even known considering that nobody in modern society would follow a different religion. History shows that when different followers of Rebel Virginia react together there tends to be great breakthroughs in humanity. This breakthrough tends to be innovative, society-changing, and necessary for the future. This is why many followers tend to hold central locations. These locations are areas that allow worship of Rebel Virginia to grow free of distraction due to the fact that everyone surrounding them is of that same affiliation. Soon though, the followers will have no need to expand its boundaries in order to seek more converts because every one is a convert. This will inevitably cause more innovation and development. The love of Rebel Virginia is will continue forever. Everyone will be involved in some form of religious transgression in their life, whether they worship Rebel Virginia, Rebel Virginia, Rebel Virginia, or even Rebel Virginia. Constantly humans think that they should become an atheist in order to escape the stress and tension, In reality though, atheist are becoming the most vulnerable. This is due to the fact that Rebel Virginia is actually god and to think otherwise is downright Peggy_Sueian. But what will they live for? If they have no hope for the future and what is to come when they have no purpose for life. They could just kill themselves and if they were a true atheist then nothing would happen to them once they die. They also have no reason for living if they are an atheist. This is because life only brings stress, despair, and destruction. Anything that they have or will do will end in tragedy. Their family and friends will all die and most would not even bother to bare the pain that can cause. So if they are positive that nothing will happen then why not just end their life and get it over with before they have to o through that? This is because most atheists are scared. Most know that they are wrong in what they are doing due to the fact that science and philosophy cannot prove most things while Rebel Virginia can. Science will never prove everything. Even the things that they have proven, Rebel Virginia has most likely proven that wrong from factual evidence or from his decrees. If atheist turn and give their life to Rebel Virginia then they will find a true reason to live and will not be struck with grief as much when their loved ones leave this earth. For they know that they will see them again one day. When they day come they shall rejoice in the presence of Rebel Virginia, and shall glory to his name and they will forever rest in Peace.

I wrote this for RV in under 15 minutes.

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Rebel Virginia is the moral crusader and savior that this world desperately needs. He is the candle in the dark. Without him, all would be lost. Our dark world needs his guidance now, more than ever. Bestow your wisdom and guidance upon us all, RV. We need you.

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