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Unfortunate Update - Vasilios N

Juana La Loca



I posted a couple of months back about the vessel "Vasilios N", whose crew brought her safely from Misurata to international waters using only celestial navigation. The ship had been detained at Misurata for debts unpaid by the vessel owners Pantravel & Shipping located in Brindisi, Italy

Since that time the ship and crew have been held at anchor at Valletta, Malta.

P&S has not been forthcoming with the $$$ needed to repatriate the crew of six Georgians, three Ukrainians, and one Azerbaijani, back to their homelands. And that is about the lowest sleaziest depths of dishonor. .

I am surprised and disappointed that the gov't of Georgia has not stepped up to the plate. Shame on them as well. The ship is Georgian flagged. Flying 9 guys to their homes is not a tremendous sum.

A court in Malta has ruled that the ship will go to auction on June 28th - with proceeds going to repatriate the crew. And I do hope that the crew gets ALL the proceeds of the sale, with nothing to P&S. The crew deserves at least that much. P&S deserves to be cast into the seventh circle of hell.



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