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upgrading my entertainment :DD




Foreword: If you have Firefox, install InvisibleHand add-on

I've finally reached a point where I'm earning enough to have some good disposable income, and through looking at a lot of deals, I'm getting some good stuff for cheap :awesome: :awesome:

First thing, bought this brand new 40 inch 1080p Dynex for $350. Yes, 350. Hell of a deal and I got it! It's not a well known name, but I believe people buy into that kind of thing way too much, and for only 60 more bucks it gave me a 4 year warranty.

With my hdmi cable, it is now doubling as gargantuan monitor for my laptop. Plus I'm also going to use it to play some HD movies I can stream off a few sites, Netflix you are now obsolete to me.

Onto HDMI cables, those things are expensive! At Bestbuy, the cheapest one you could get is $30! For a little piece of crap cable wow. Well being internet savvy pays off, and if you search 'hdmi cable' on Amazon, you get quality hdmi cables for 2 bucks, free shipping. No kidding, check the reviews and a 4.5/5.0 from 3500 ratings, they really work. I bought 4 of em. I swear, if more people knew about this, prices would come crashing down.

Now for the 360, yeah you've probably seen Microsoft's ads, buy a $699 laptop and a get a free 4GB 360 slim if you're a college student. Luckily, I know someone who buys and sells laptops for a job. He's going to let me get the 360 for free when he gets a qualifying laptop. Woo!

Taking some time off rogueing is going to be better than I thought. So now please relish with me for my newfound awesomeness :D :D



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Dynex LCDs are pretty good actually, especially for the price.

HDMI cables either work or they don't. There is no difference in quality between a $5-$10 cheap cable (the $2 Amazon ones are used I believe, which is always cheaper) and a $100 Monster cable. Perhaps the more expensive cable will last slightly longer, but realistically are you still going to be using that HDMI cable in 150 years anyway?

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