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Homeward Bound

Juana La Loca



Packing up my apartment of the last 12 years. I gave Southeast VA a pile of good years. But the industry that was thriving and fun when I arrived here has shrunk by probably half. So I am taking my mad export skillz and going home. Leaving behind a ton of memories.

Hurricane Danny '97 - the former spouse and I out in the wind and rain trenching our backyard so the water wouldn't flood all his unnecessary crap stored in the garage and my thriving tomato-full garden plots. A minor inconvenience as time would later tell.


Hurricane Floyd '99

Lost potable water for 3 days because the city pumping station flooded. Lost hot water for 5 because the building's water heater is in the English basement utility space.. It wasn't the wind so much as the rain. The city of Franklin to the west got it worst of all when the Blackwater River (yes, that Blackwater) jumped it's banks and flooded downtown to 12 feet.



Hurricane Isabel '03

My first real encounter with real Hurricane winds. Lost power for maybe 18 hours but since I am in close proximity to USCG and USN support facilities; was among the first in the area to get power back. Took a week or more for some coworkers who lived out in the country. Lost hot water for 3 days because heater flooded out again.


made commuting hell for a week because main tunnel flooded


trees crashed all over. The woodcutters were jolly for over a year.


The November Nor'easter 2009

Days of flooding. No hot water for 4 days.

The foot of my street became the river


my side-street was just a crick


Snowpocalypse 2011

Which was no big deal.... cause I grew up with snow.


And I figured, snow is a good thing. Which set my mind to going home to cooler and more moderate climes.... so in two weeks I will be back in the town of my birth.


Swingfield.... Imma comin' home!



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When you mentioned the Blackwater River, my first thought was of the Blackwater River outside of King's Landing in A Song of Ice and Fire. Then you said it was the Blackwater and I was like "what?" until I realized what you meant.

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