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conference finals




1.Chicago Bulls


2.Miami Heat

currently Chicago has 1-0 lead in this best of 7 series. i think Chicago wins this series due to being a better rebounding team and a better bench. Chicago's best Offensive player in a PG (Derric Rose) and Miami weakest in Defense is the poing guard spot. no way can mike bibby and mario chalmers can guard Rose. if Miami can rebound the ball and keep in transition i think they have a good shot at it. but if the game is a half court game and Chicago can out rebound Miami i have Chicago in 5-6

3.Dallas Mavs


4.OKC thunder

well i was very wrong with the mavs this year. i thought LA would beat them. but they kick the crap out of LA. this one is going to be good. i dont see how OKC keeps up with dirk. but i dont see how Dallas guards westbrook or Durant. and please dont say shawn marion he guards Durant all Durant will do is turn around and shoot over him. honestly it comes down to role players if OKC gets production from Ibaka (sp?) and thebo controls the boards they win. if Dallas role players step up i have Dallas in 7. overall i have Dallas in 7 right now.



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I don't think Dallas can guard Westbrook all that well, but they should be able to handle Durant. Wouldn't be surprised to see that one go in a sweep.

Heat-Bulls is ... well unless the Heat can pull a little 8-on-5 magic, they're going out here. The talent level drops off so much behind the big three and the Bulls play really good defense.

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personally i want to see OKC vs Chicago finals. if Dirk keeps playing they way he is then i think it be Dallas vs Chicago. with how Chicago plays D and Miami bench is not very good and they got average role players.

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Just so long as Dwayne Wade and the Heat lose.
What's wrong with D.Wade? I can see hating on Lebron, but D. Wade's alright.

Q: I think it should be your job (and every other non-Miami NBA fan, media member, etc.) to cause as much dissension on the Heat as possible. As such, I suggest always referring to the team as:

(A) Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat;

(B) Dwyane Wade's South Beach Heat;

© Dwyane Wade and company; and/or

(D) NBA champion Dwayne Wade and his Miami Heat.

Just sowing the seeds,

-- Mike in Boston

SG: I love it! Let's give it a whirl.

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