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Now With Less Underscore



This show isn't dead. Seriously, we want to do it. Unfortunately, we can't until like...July. I think July was the month we came to the last time we talked. AirMe, our primary recorder, is not available until mid-June. hawk_11 hawk11, the guy everyone listens for, is available now, but isn't available from mid-June until mid-July. Reasons for these availabilities are our own, mostly outside of CyberNations.

Stormsend's around. I'm not sure why he isn't blogging or something (~*~tHe CaLlOuT~*~).

When can you expect our return? Mid-July. Will there be a show before that expected time period? Maybe. Depends on whether or not hawk_11 hawk11 or Stormsend pick-up the recording slack and get a guest or something. We know there's people available who want to come on the air. Hell, they've been vocal in telling us that they want to come on the air. Some might say they've been rude about it.

We won't. Some might.

However, that's the projected time-frame. Mid-July. Until then, check back here for blogs because at least one of us will be writing.


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Sir Paul will be a guest at some point. As will Archon. So when we do return there will be some heavy hitters on. Maybe we can get Mary on so we can keep our streak of NPO Emperor's alive.

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Slightly sucks that there isn't going to be one in a while, I like the podcast. Anyways, best of luck with your RL stuff (both of you) and get that quality programming back on the air!

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