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TTK Reaches 31

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East Prussia


From rank 37 to 31 in a month is a very good achievement, and we hope that we can reach 20 by September. As of right now TTK is going through a Renaissance, with new programs, more members, and many more people on forums and IRC its seems as if TTK is going through a renaissance, and hopefully we will be sanctioned by Christmas, now i know this is a hard goal, but with the numbers TTK has and the potential of our recruitment, i believe that we can do it

/o TTK

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Fantastic great to hear. I only hope this time TTK can maintain the numbers and watch out for growing pains. TTK has been over 200 members in the past and it happened to quickly and cost more than it gained in the long run. But im sure with Wiccan at the helm and mandy whispering in his ear this time will be different.

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