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Not really sure why you think all Islamic people would be angry, perhaps the small amount of them that are fundamentalist warriors might be.tumblr_lkjsa0vvlq1qzu2tdo1_400.gif

Hence why I said islamists and not Muslims.

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AFAIK "islamist" has quite a broad meaning, thus a lot of "islamists" would be offended to be assimilated to Bin Laden, Siocthastoirm.

You might want to reword your entry.

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The word Muslim is Arabic for "follower of God". Therefore, anyone that believes in a monotheistic religion (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, etc.) is "Muslim".

That being said, today is a good day for the entire world, as the largest threat to freedom this world has seen since Stalin. Not just as an American, but a member of the free world, I say thank you to the members of SEAL Team 6 and the other members of the team that took out bin Laden.

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