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DBC News 24: 20th November

Benjamin Smythe



Once again, you find yourself tuning into DBC News 24 for the headlines from Diamont's flagship news channel. As always for the evening broadcasts, Jensen Trent is anchoring them with correspondents around the nation. The bells toll from the Palace, and the theme tune begins. Once it ends, Jensen begins his daily broadcast.

Good evening, this is the news at 10 o'clock, I'm Jensen Trent.

The Diamantian Royal Armed Forces came home today from their successful campaign against Togashire. While this campaign was only a test of military readiness, it is being touted by leading Generals as a resounding success with all three rounds going to Diamont's forces. While the alliance that Diamont is part of, known as "Valhalla", is particularly known for their military prowess, no matter which alliance blocs Diamont has been part of, there has always been the so-called "Iron Wall", whereupon enemy military forces cannot pierce the defences of the Diamantian armed forces. His Majesty, Lord Smythe, commended his armed forces in a parade earlier this afternoon.

You are the finest military on the continent without a doubt. Our technological superiority will continue, and I will continue to invest heavily into our military research over the next few months to prepare us, as a nation, for the times ahead. Continue to make us, Valhalla, and the entire planet proud and fearful of our might.

Attending the ceremony with His Majesty was Queen Vanshira as well as the royal couple's eldest two daugters, Princesses Callie and Laisana. Princess Laisana herself took part in the operation, but behind the front lines as a tactical advisor to the forces in Diamont's new "Neogon" Command Centre in Farnborough.

In other news, Lord Xigbar, Diamont's Judge of War, described the proposals for the new Weapons Research Complex to be based in Winchester to the media.

Now that we have our Research Network online, as well as the "Neogon" Command Centre, we can forge ahead with plans for our Weapons Research. With this extra facility online, we can develop extra nuclear weapons as well as more damaging forms of weapons for all forces whether they are on land, air, or sea. The only block that remains is really completing the building of the facility, with it being expected to come online around the 2nd of December.

Meanwhile, protestors were marching in Aldershot, claiming that such a facility would damage the environment and increases taxes on ordinary citizens, but these claims were dismissed out of hand by Lord Xigbar. Now we'll move onto the Weather, with Kelly Jenkins...



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