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My Epic Last Stand




Well, it was Friday, and that can only mean one thing. Gotta get down, which seat to choose... No, no. It means Extraction Mission!

The Human perk we chose was "Freak on a Leash" - We gained possession of a "pet" Witch, which we could "let loose" on the Zombie horde. Once let loose, it did it's own thing, and at least once it actually just ran straight out of the field of battle, but usually it just ran around stunning Zombies.

The Zombies still had the EMP active for the mission, and it was then released the additional perk they chose for the night - "Shutdown," which left most of the important routes around campus as "red zones" that Humans couldn't enter.

The Red Zones activated at 6, so our group decided to start moving before then.

We had to get to building 12 for "decontamination" as part of the mission, which we made in record time with little resistance that early in the mission. We then started hopping from building to building, facing increasing numbers at each jump.

Eventually, we made it to the last jump, where standing in our way was a fairly large number of Zombies, and BOTH enemy Witches. The doors behind us locked minutes after we got there, but the Zombies were left unaware that we were no longer in a safe zone. Armed with some leftover Motovs from the night before (capable of not just stunning, but killing a Witch, while at the same time being single-use), we made our move. It wasn't a terribly large jump to make, but some people broke formation and we lost 4 men. But we were now in the primary system of buildings, and could make good distance in safety.

So, how the mission worked, is that we had to arm a Nuke to wipe out the Horde, and then make it back to a Vault to survive, the Vault not opening until the Nuke was armed. We had to receive arming codes from someone back in building 12, and we had to input 3 of these codes to activate the nuke, one every 15 minutes. After the final code was entered, we would then have an additional 15 minutes to make it back across the entire campus and get inside the Vault.

We picked a door closest to the nuke (which was at this point starting to gather a substantial portion of the Horde) and were successful in activating the first code. But on our retreat back to safety, people again broke formation and ran, and we sustained heavy losses. It was at this point that it started to become clear we weren't going to make it, and we weren't helped by a number of well-known cowards who stayed behind to "guard the Vault" instead of contributing to the mission.

With heavy losses from a sloppy retreat, we attempted to put in a second code several times, to no avail. We would punch a hole through the Zombie lines, but their ever increasing numbers proved too strong. With heavy losses on each attempt (and one where no less than 30 people shoved through a single-door in about 2 seconds flat), the reality was beginning to set in. We no longer had the numbers to pull it off.

I went to a different entrance with another group, with time dwindling and less than a minute to enter the second code before certain defeat. But the rest of the party would not budge, wracked with fear. It was at this point, when all hope was gone, that I did the only thing I could do: I charged headfirst into the entire Zombie horde, guns blazing and screaming at the top of my lungs, taking out at least 15 Zombies before finally getting my brains Nom'd.

Zombie Victory, the first time in the history of RIT's game. I may not have made extraction, but I upheld my number one rule: If you're going to go down, make sure it's epic. I couldn't walk away happier.



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This was possibly my last round, as I am a 4th year student. I've played 5 rounds of this game and it's been amazing. If by some miracle I am back for another round, I am going to contribute to moderating the game, give something back for all the good times had.

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