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Christ, I'm just a kid in this game

Kubla Khan



90 days of war.

Sustained, damaging and brutal. GATO is rebuilding, have been for 2 1/2 months now we only fought for what could be considered a blink of an eye in GATO's and CN's history but to me, it seems a lifetime ago that a post by VE would rip Bob apart.

I've been reflecting a lot in this new year and was thinking about how GATO, Bob and I have changed. To you Old Guard as i thing of you, 4 digits in your nations and 2,3, hell 5+ million casualties, Im nothing but a snot nose kid. A post Karma generation baby, I "grew up" as it were in a special age. NPO was big to be sure, but it was one of the many boogymen i was raised with. PZI for entire alliances, forced disbannings, Vietfan, and, to me as a GATOan, viceroy. My alliance beaten to a point, physically and psychologically I cant imagine. The New Pacific Order, hated, reviled, and feared.

Yet once again, I cant imagine, in the abstract well of course, to read about it, which i have, more pages than id care to share, but I or anyone of my post Karma brethren can truly understand.

The scars of the past run deep on Bob, still fresh, throbbing and swollen, ready to split open.

But I cant understand. The NPO has been polite to me, cordial in fact, even as a young, experienced nation. At only a month old Zeta Defender offered me a few nation building tips in #nsa. Their diplomats held up against everything GATO had to say and for the most part took it on the chin, i came to respect them, know some of them, I saw members of GATO whom I looked up to go "to the the dark side" as it were and somehow survive. I saw naught but reps being paid, diligently and without as much swearing than i know i would in the same circumstances, when i became GATO's Minister of Finance I admired there economic and military development. The creature in the dark, Christ Im young I thought.

I look back on this war, I fought in Bi-Polar, a few brushfires and 10/10/10 but this was my first major war in the grand scheme.

Anyway, back to reflecting,

I've seen an Umbrella Proxy war

Chris Kaos return to CN than GATO

Dozens of alliances come into existence, each with week, months, years of planning, than fail some with a whimper, some with a bang

Honor among those I looked on with contempt

Weakness among alliances and blocs where I thought stronger and impregnable

Strength where I expected collapse

All that and in humble gaggle of Spanish cats rise up from the ashes of a bonfire I never saw, regain sanction, and break 30 score for the first time in history.

I only wonder what I will have seen next



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