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Still Alive




But it was by no means a triumph.

Number wise, the hoard lays claim to a little over half of the players. That is quite low for how it usually is by the end of Wednesday.

But we have lost 2 missions in a row, the Zombies are completing missions and getting perks. The next two days are going to be a slaughter.

They have a Boomer (Drops an instant spawn point when stunned), several Thralls (reduced stun timers), Tanks (2 minute stun, socks only), and several Blights (A rather complicated unit that can "incubate" humans to spy and suddenly convert and take another Human with them).

Tonight also saw the unleashing of 7 Witches, a unit played out by the game Moderation. 2 Witches each were assigned to protect 3 objects. A witch has a TEN SECOND stun timer, and they can also stun Zombies (Zombies were allowed to move the objects). They followed whoever took an object.

Yesterday, we activated 2 of the 3 generators, and failed to stop them from generating the Boomer. Tonight, we retrieved one part. The two witches then became of the roaming variety.

As it stands, over half of my clan is dead. I don't even want to know what the hell kind of perks the Zombies are going to get, but they're going to get good options to vote on.

The perk we chose was a "gas mask" that would prevent airborne infection - Except idiot humans advertised this to the Zombs, who then proceeded to pick a different perk and cause ours to go to waste.

All in all, it was a terrible day.

Zombies: 156 (51.49%)

Humans: 147 (48.51%)



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let us know on a daily basis how it goes, Sort of a blow by blow account. vids if you have em. This is interesting stuff to read, and i already got tired of wikipedia,

*memoryproblems runs off to vandalize some interesting and intriguing, but sadly untrue statements into random wikipedia articles, for reader pleasure.*

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let us know on a daily basis how it goes, Sort of a blow by blow account. vids if you have em. This is interesting stuff to read, and i already got tired of wikipedia,

Vids will happen at some point, we have a film student as an Admin running the game, and that's his primary duty.

Apparently, last night, 4 of my squad mates died, but not before stunning 60+ zombies. There is video of this, and I will post it as soon as it becomes available. They are all going to get the "Epic Last Stand" badge for their efforts.

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Last night, our group took a roundabout route to where we needed to be, and we encountered the Horde messing around near buildings. One of the guys, the leader no less, yelled !@#$ and alerted the Horde. The Boomer charged straight at us, and we made a mad dash for the nearest building, losing about half our numbers. We were trapped in there for about an hour, surrounded inside a building with only 2 exits. Eventually, when the majority of the Horde moved on to other activities, we made a break for Building 8 at 11PM, one of the buildings that's connected to the majority of the Academic buildings via tunnels. I don't think anyone died, but 4 people were left behind in the other building. We moved on through the tunnels to the CS building, and sent a few guys back later who successfully retrieved the 4 stranded survivors. We waited there until 1AM, then we left, taking another roundabout route back to dorms, not seeing a single Zombie on the return trip. Got back around, what, 1:40 AM?

Mission was basically a draw overall. We were supposed to kill the witches with "Motovs" (Not "moltovs," but "motovs" so as to not draw ire from Public Safety), which are spray painted socks. Darts and regular socks no longer stunned the witches, only these "Motovs," of which we got 5 every 15 minutes, and each could only be used once. There were 4 witches, other squads killed 2 of them and collected DNA samples. This leaves 2 Witches alive for extraction, and they are now totally invulnerable. Also the last 2 witches were "taken over" by the zombie "overmind" and now work exclusively to the credit of the Horde.

Extraction begins in less than 2 hours. It's going to be hell.

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