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NBA playoffs. eastern conference




the east is set. so i'll start off in the eastern conference. and in a few days i'll do the western.



i have Bulls in 5-6 games no way Pacers have the talent to score many points in this series a sweep wouldn't shock me



Magic in 7. Orlando is a little deeper of a team than Atlanta. in crunch time i dont like Atlanta go to players. i'll take Magic in 7



i have Celtics in 6. Boston can guard both Stoudemire and melo. New York doesn't even know what D is. they will win one or two (Big MAYBE on 2 games) with an explosion of offense. i have Rondo killing New York. this one being a sweep wouldn't shock me either. but New York finding a D then i think they can win this series



this is the upset alert. Philadelphia winning this wont shock me to much. Miami has troubles running set Offense and they have trouble guarding the post. If elton brand of the Sixers have a MONSTER series i could see Philadelphia pulling the upset. but i have Heat in 6-7 games they have a TON of fire power with Wade-Bosh-Lebron



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Unfortunately, I don't see a tonne of upset potential in the first round. Chicago vs. Indy will be a walkover, the Heat defeated the Sixers pretty handily all three times they played (average margin of victory of 10.3 points), and the Hawks are falling apart.

Really, the Knicks - Celts series is the only one that I could see going seven, and that's largely because of their pace...Boston tends to be excellent at shutting down fast teams, but if the Knicks can get into transition (something they've done less of with Melo and Billups) they could perhaps tire out those old legs. If the series is played in the halfcourt, they're pretty well screwed.

Second round should be epic, though; Chicago - Orlando and Miami - Boston if all holds.

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i am looking forward to the eastern conference second round. bulls vs magic and celts vs heat im not sure on the celtics vs heat match up but i got bulls 6 over magic

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NY Knicks have some heavy swingers. A core of Billups/Melo/Stat is pretty fearsome and I say they get it together and pull off the huge upset. All the other series should either be sweeps or at most 5 games, though I can see why you'd think Atlanta would give Orlando some trouble.

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Atlanta is 3-1 this season vs Orlando. they been able to single guard Howard in the post witch allows them to guard there shooters. if the 3 ball isnt falling for Orlando they are screwed. Orlando loves to dump into the post a double team comes and a pass out to deadly shooters on the perimeter. thats how Atlanta can give Orlando problems.

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