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Update: Another Long Weekend

Prince Imrahil



That was meant in both good and bad ways. It was another weekend filled with clouds, rain, and cool temperatures, but this time nature decided to add a lightning show, heavy fog, and some tornadoes in a nearby county.

I got off of a six-hour shift at 10 Friday night, showered and changed, then headed back downtown to see a friend of a friend perform at a bar. It was a good performance, but the bar was fairly dead. I went to another bar a block away and met up with some people, where I was until last call (2 a.m. is when the bars close here in Virginia). I lucked out and hitched a ride with someone. I ended up getting less than 5 hours of sleep that night (and since much of that was drunk sleep, it doesn't really count).

I, very slowly, got out of bed just after 8 a.m. Saturday morning (possible only because I popped an Aleve before going to bed the night before). Still a little drunk. Lucky me, I had a double-shift that day (some of which I was hungover for). I was working for 10 hours, pretty much all of which I was busy during. Oh how tired I was and my feet hurt quite a bit.

I ended up going out again that night, but only for a few hours. Didn't get hammered, mainly because it was going to be another early day.

Sunday was a pretty low key. Worked for five hours, went home and enjoyed a nice day. I went to see "Your Highness" that night with a couple of people. I know the film has gotten some bad reviews (probably from critics who were taking it way to seriously), but it was pretty good. I read something interesting: apparently, there was not a script onset, just an outline and the dialogue was primarily improvised.

I seriously needed an extra day to recover from this weekend. Since I don't work on Mondays, I guess that's what today is for.


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