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Alas, Babylon



Welcome to Temporal Paradox where I will tell you how people are spending their free time on our forums.

The Library

Reading of A Game of Thrones has ended, and the discussion has begun! There are several AGOT topics to choose from in the library including one wherein we try to one-up HBO's casting. Stop by and have fun.

If Fantasy isn't exactly your cup of tea, you might enjoy the April/May book of the month Alas, Babylon. Reading will take place this month with discussion occupying in May.

Role Playing Games

In the main forum there is some increased activity as several members of a dragon-themed alliance stop by to discuss their passion for Dungeons and Dragons.

In the sub-forums, our only active game remains Richard Rahl's Vampire: The Masquerade. VtM continues on hiatus as two new non-paradoxian persons make character for the campaign. If you think that you have a character-concept that out-does theirs, make sure to e-mail it so that you can have their spot!

Rumor: I hear that some folks are talking about getting a D&D game together.

Beer Reviews

The Beer Reviews are positively frothing and flowing (every pun I make is intended). After a slew of Indian Pale Ale (IPA) reviews, a discussion regarding the merits of dark beers versus light beers has arisen.

If I said that I'm a fan of Corona with Lime, will I be in trouble? :ehm:

Paradoxian Enclave

Noriko continues dominating the world with a radically re-imagined Imperial Japanese Army.

Rommel comes up with a mixed bag as the fully Z-Plan'd Nazi Germany. He dominates their navy, but is as embargoed as a prostitute seen walking out of an AIDS clinic.

Bodvar has started a new attempt at German unification, but his rusty EUII skills are showing.

Feanor is going to bring the pain as some obscure country... so he says.

That's what's going on with us, what did your alliance do this week?


Recommended Comments

How do you decide on what books to discuss? Newer stuff mainly?

At the end of each month we take nominations for the following month. When some nominees are decided on, we vote.

Last month we did Fantasy, and that's sort of our bread and butter, so we made a promise to ourselves to choose a book without dragons in it this time. Someone got smart and proposed the Way of Kings (which is Fantasy, but has no dragons, afaik), but diversity triumphed in the electoral college.

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Alas, Babylon is incredible. It's sitting on my night table right now, after I re-read it for the fourth or fifth time.

If you do not participate in the May discussions, I shall be very sad and think bad things about you.


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The Muslims of Granada are going to put a halt to the Reconquista and take back the Iberian Peninsula.

On EU2? that would be some feat. I tried it myself a couple of times....and failed miserably.

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On EU2? that would be some feat. I tried it myself a couple of times....and failed miserably.

EU3 and its a struggle. I won't lie, it took me several tries to get on my feet.

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