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Rules of CN



1. When in doubt, hail.

2. Some say that CN cash is the currency of CN. It is not. Hailing is.

3. If your allies sign a treaty together, hail them.

4. If two alliances you've never heard of sign a treaty, hail.

5. Always hail.

6. If you are a former member of \m/, you must remember the 19th of September

7. You must put this in your sig. Everyone must remember.

8. Even if no one knows why.

9. If you are in FAN, you hate NPO.

10. If you are not in FAN, you hate NPO but you just don't talk about it.

11. If you are in GPA, you are a hippie.

12. Remember to hail NPO.

13. You can remember your casualty record in any GW but you will forget the date of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

14. It was 7th of December, 1941, btw.

15. Remember the holy trinity: MooCows, Admin and IvanMoldavi.

16. Bilrow wishes he was in the holy trinity. But he isn't.

17. Why aren't you hailing NPO?

18. There will always be one member who didn't get the memo.

19. Call Planet Bob the Cyberverse at your peril.

20. "None" is not an alliance.

21. Complain about unfair tech raiding when you are a n00b.

22. Complain about NPO if you are in FAN

23. Anything said in IRC may be sigged without notice.

24. Yes, it is as bad as you think and they are out to get you.

25. Bots are more popular on IRC than real people.

26. IRC is srs bsns.

27. CN is srs bsns.

28. srs bsns was redefined when CN was created.

29. In IRC, tell everyone about your infra jump.

30. Buy infra. Buy buy buy.

31. Completing a trade circle is harder than the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

32. Israel will hand back the Occupied Territories before you complete your trade circle.

33. Rage quit and break RP when you are ZI in a war.

34. Recruiting is like telemarketing: you can send all the PM's you want but at the end of the day you're no closer to having enough people to form an alliance.

35. Everyone on CN is smarter than you.

36. Screenshot or it never happened.

37. One man doesn't make an alliance. It makes a tech-raid.

38. Only bulls are stupid enough to attack red.

39. A large population of CN is Christian. Everyone else is wrong.

40. The end of Planet Bob is not nigh, servers just went down for a while.

41. Start a debate at your own peril.

42. Wikipedia is the bible. Except for the real Bible (refer to rule 39)

43. NPO sneezes, the rest of Planet Bob hands them hankies.

44. No, you will not be on the senate. Stop messaging me.

45. LJ Scott has a penis, ignore his avatars.

46. The moderators do not take sides. NPO wouldn't allow it.

47. Anu Drake cares.

48. Quotes are for truth, and nothing less.

49. Personal opinions equal the opinion of your alliance leadership, functionaries and membership.

50. Aqua love is like guy love, between two guys.

51. Just because you're on the pink team doesn't mean you can't have manly alliance names like "The Centurion Brotherhood."

52. OWF threads are unimportant until infested with pointless memes.

53. Only FAN has the right to change any topic in OWF to a NPO trolling zone

54. If you're actually reading these, credit to TAB for the list.

55. Always Hail o/

56. o/ NPO

57. There is no such thing as a rickroll.

58. I already told you, I'm not giving you any money! (freakin' noobs.)

59. o/

60. Never spy on NPO. It never helps.

61. Without NPO, there would not be a CN.

62. Without FAN, there would be no reason for NPO.

63. O/!!!!!!!

64. Not agreeing with the superpowers on OWF = ZI.

65. Count Rupert knows what you are doing with your nation...a week before you get there.

66. Yes.. ^ its true..

67. CR is the only competition for Chuck Norris...

68. Only because Chuck said so..

69. Cupcakes and huggles are only recognised as currency in the Aqua sphere.

70. Screenshots don't prove anything, except that you're falsely confident in your photoshop skills.

71. Brilliant political moves are not brilliant.

72. There are no wimminz on teh interwebz.

73. If you can post a tl;dr, then you shouldn't have bothered with your original text wall.

74. Only noobs are allowed to not know the difference between \m/ and [M].

75. Tech is only a temporary possession, waiting for \m/ to liberate it from your nation.

76. Foam parties are not recommended, unless sanctioned by WCR.


78. Bandwagoning is an imperfect art in CN. You'll get !@#$ for doing it, and you'll get !@#$ for not doing. Go figure.

79. NAP's are worthless pieces of paper. Ask CIS about that

80. Pass on your tech before flaming NPO. Otherwise, you're just giving them cheap tech.

81. Respect your elders. Don't make fun of their hot pink user mask.

82. NPO are red. NpO are blue. Go figure

83. o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/

84. If you break up with your treaty partner, even if he treated you badly, Planet Bob will heap scorn on you for having the gall to be so unfaithful.

85. After the treaty has been revoked, you may no longer hail them.

86. The use of tact and politeness on OWF is inversely proportional to the NS of the Alliance to which you belong.

87. Hail NPO again, just in case.


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54. If you're actually reading these, credit to TAB for the list.


You're absolutely right, and I have no idea why it's different lol

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God damn my skimming... :P

Aw shucks Sorum, I didn't mean no harm. Why...you're a swell kid...here, here's a nickel so you can get a malt and double bill.

/me flicks Sorum a nickel

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