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Closest to Greens, furthest from Conservative.

I was pretty close to BQ too, apart from the whole "Quebec should become a new nation lololol" which I strongly disagreed with.

Edit: Also, for the lulz, it said my preferred PM was still Harper, since I know very little about the BQ/Green leaders and I know Ignatieff isn't able to be trusted worth his salt. Harper's at least somewhat competent, if a bit despotic.

Edit2: Further, I'm not Canadian.

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Closest to the NDP, furthest from the Conservatives. No surprise there, though I'll end up voting Liberal to avoid vote-splitting in a riding where the NDP has basically no ground game.

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Closest to conservatives, pretty much expected. I don't like some of the questions and how the meaning behind some isn't clear enough as to what they mean but my ability to answer accurately is probably more hampered by my knowing little of Canada's politics.

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Closest to Greens but the Greens are a terrible, terrible party and I'm a card-carrying New Democrat. If you ever even consider voting for a Tory at any point you are literally human garbage and should reexamine your entire life immediately.

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Closest to Liberals, furthest from Conservatives. I'm from the States though, so take it as you will. Not really informed, especially regarding the whole Quebec thing or the relative competence/trustworthiness of the politicians in question.

Also a note to Americans that our Conservatives would probably be considered radical Marxists on your political spectrum because they are far to the left of Barack Obama.

So being close to the Liberals would make me some kind of ultra-left Maoist?

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