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NCAA Elite Eight Picks for Sat/Sun:

Van Hoo III



Yeah, I got busy and am late doing this. I realize the Butler game is over, but you'll just have to trust me. :P

4. Kentucky over 2. UNC (Only game I can still get points for.)

3. UConn over 5. Arizona

1. KU over 11. VCU

8. Butler over 2. Florida



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Rock Chalk Jayhawk all the way to Houston.

Well, only one more game for them to get there, everything just keeps falling into place, the thought of reaching a championship without facing anybody seeded better then 8th...

But then again, if they make it this far, they are obviously seeded wrong.

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Down goes KU! Down goes KU!!! DOWN GOES KU!!!!

If you hear somebody in the bathroom crying, thats me.

#$!%. #$#!%^. $%#@. %#$!#.

Something to that effect sums up my thoughts on that game.

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