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Yes, I got that last blog. If you have a point, I can't figure it out.

Oh, I suppose you might be trying to apply my remarks to the last comic.

In which case I would be inclined to disagree. The intentional misinterpretation of events in favor of comedic value and all, which is a fair technique when you are making a comic, I'm not complaining. It wouldn't be worth a comic if you just applied the exact exchange to terrible MS-Paint stick figures. Which IMO is why this comic isn't terribly great, it comes off more as a criticism and less as an attempt at humor.

(And for the record, I find the actual exchange that was the basis of the previous comic funny for entirely different reasons than you, but it still didn't make the last one bad. And mind you that is only taking it by itself, not factoring in the whole GOONS overreacting to nothing thing. But I digress.)

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