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MK War Stats

Kubla Khan


Change since 1/25 in parenthesis

Nations 184 (-20)

Nations in Anarchy 72 (71.2% of nations in war mode)

Nations in Peace mode (84)(45.6% of total nations)

Nations in War Mode (101)

Active Wars 130

22 Offensive

108 Defensive

Massive Counter Attacks 3/13-3/14 and 3/16-3/18

Nation Strength 6,681,738 (-4,756,158)

Average NS 36,314 (-19,784)

Score 25.30 (-16.17)

Land 156,528 (-210,590)

Infra 703,056 (-766,186)

Tech 649,116 (-220,141)

SDI 145 (Ave. 25.8 Nukes thwarted since beginning of war)

MP 151 (82% of nations have an MP, 13.1 nukes per nations with MP)

WRC 105 (57% of nations)

Nukes 1,989(-1600)

3/20- in the last round of war we have seen a dramatic swing of the pendulum, with many MK nations including several highly developed MK nations as evident buy the drop in total WRC/MP/SDI totals. Another dramatic change is the # of MK wars and the effectiveness of the attacks, 108 defensive wars to 22 offensive. we saw 2 highly effective attacks against MK0n the 13th and the 16th utting a shocking 71% of MK nations into anarchy. This has also resulted in a flight to PM bringing a total of 84 nations. With 72 Nations in anarchy and 84 in peace mode, that means only 28 MK nations are in war mode and not in anarchy.

Slot usage has also seen some fascinating developments, while MK nations still send some aid out and some internal, MK has begun to receive aid in almost a GOONS like level. thought TOP was sending aid to MK at a moderate level in the previous round, it could be written off if that was your politics. However after the 2 coordinated attacks MK has needed its own aid airlift. TOP has provided MK 141,000,000 in direct aid with other nations bringing that total to about 180,000,000. If NPO continues their current strategy and Umbrella unable to aid them without diverting their 1.3 billion in aid to GOONS, this is a situation that will be interesting to follow. Will Umbrella have 2 Alliances to aid? Will TOP begin the second great war airlift to a Doomhouse Alliance? Only time will tell.


Recommended Comments

We've sent 375 mil to GOONS in the last 10 days, Umbrella's sent 654 mil to GOONS. We've sent 141 mil internally. Although Umbrella's still sending much more than us, I'd say we're still playing a major roll. As for the peace mode part, a little over half of those nations have been sent there within the last week. NPO can't say the same thing.

Your terms do not make any kind of distinction between long-term use of peace mode or cycling. They simply state that an alliance with 45% of its people in peace mode expects its enemy to keep 5% of its people in it, cycling or not.

So yes, all talk of banks aside, the huge gap between that is ironic. Not that it is necessarily insane mind you - peace mode is a useful tactic for both defender and attacker, and I can understand why it is in your national interest to continue using it while trying to deny it to your enemy. But that is still a very amusing situation.

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Myth busted

Yes that's what happens when we're outnumbered more than 3:1 in that range. The difference is that we have more money to fight with. I don't think there was any myth about the declaration ratio in that range.

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MK are still more active than literally everyalliance in this game. They're going to kill you because they'll actually coordinate on a wide scale and be fed 15 million every 10 days to continue to kill. This is where Legion, NADC, and every other !@#$%* alliance on NPO's side will fail.

And just so you know, 15 million is more than enough to work off of at 1-2k infra. Their coordination only makes it easier to steal money from an opponent.

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